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Some of our customers have been kind enough to write Wilson Contracting Waimatua a testimonial.  You can find them below.


We have been working with Wilson Contracting for over five years. We run two dairy farms, with over 1300 head of cattle. Wilson Contracting have helped maintain lanes, transport gravel and material for cow lanes, and levelled a site recently for a big building, along with other jobs.


The main reason we continue to work with Wilson Contracting is because they are very reliable. They’re efficient, professional and punctual, which is rare in their line of work. They are always on time, even if that means turning up with diggers the night before to be on time the next morning. He saves us the frustration of having to wait – which can slow down a whole job going to completion – which is great.


Shane and his team are great at communication, he always gives us a good 48 hours’ notice, and he also gives us options with jobs. He explains the cost effectiveness of products, trucking them from A-Z, and if the product is sustainable. This means we have the option to choose sustainable, long lasting products – which positively impacts on our business - as it means we’re picking long lasting, hassle free products that are smarter business options for us.
Shane and Erin take pride in their business, and try to do the best by their clients, their work, and by the local community. I like that Shane will use a local product, if he can find a good local version. He also has a wide range of products that means he gets a job done quicker and easier.


I would highly recommend Wilson Contracting, their punctuality, reliability, and efficiency means the whole process is tidy. They get things done.

Justin Koenig - Dairy Farmer


We started using Wilson Contracting in 2008, when we changed a sheep farm over to dairy, and have continued to use them ever since. I like using Wilson Contracting as they’re a family owned and operated business and they have a real community focus. Shane is always happy to help out with the local schools, rugby club and sports teams.


Shane always gives good sound advice, and Wilson Contracting complete jobs to a high standard. When they do a job, they do it right. Even if it might cost you a few extra dollars now, you will save more in the long run with doing a quality job.


Communication with the team is great too, if there ever is a job that needs changes or improvements, Shane always has great explanations, and is very knowledgeable. We know he’ll do it to a high standard, first time, and future proof our business.


They have a high retainment of staff (which is a credit to Shane and Erin), but which also means their staff are well experienced and knowledgeable. All their staff are up to date with the latest health and safety too, which is becoming more and more important, and this means they understand the expectations of farmers as well as protecting their own wellbeing. They’re always on time and very reliable. The gear is always in a good condition and they have a large range of equipment.


I know it’s not normally a Southland thing to like success, but I like that we’ve got a successful Southland business here, that is supporting the local community, and other businesses in the area to succeed. I like seeing people and businesses do well in Southland, and yes, I would recommend them.

Gerald Spain – Long Acres Farming