Brendon – Driver Testimonial

I started working at Wilson Contracting because my mates worked here, and they suggested it to me. I’ve now been at Wilson Contracting for three and a half years. It’s a good family owned and operated company. What I really like about it is all the staff are treated as people, and not just another employee, or another number. The owners are out there, every day, working with you. They’re very accommodating to employees needs, whenever there’s an issue outside of work, they let people have the time off that they need.
I’ve gained a lot of experience through Wilson Contracting, and I really enjoy the variety of work. It’s not often you do the same thing every day. I’ve gained a fair bit of experience in learning to drive and operate new things. I’ve learnt a lot more on the contracting side of things. The gear is pretty new, and kept in good condition, so there’s never too many issues with vehicles which is great too.
Wilson Contracting are a good, friendly team to work for, and there’s plenty of opportunity to learn new skills.

Michael - Driver Testimonial

Wilson Contracting are a good bunch of people to work for. They have good modern machinery, and everything keeps getting updated.
I’ve gained experience working there and learnt more about the machinery and stuff.
Wilson Contracting are always willing to help if you want or need anything, they’re honest, good people. Nothing is ever too much of a problem.
I’d recommend Wilson Contracting as an employer, you get a good variety of work, and the team is good to get along with, even outside of work - they’re a great bunch of people.

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